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Automatically capture and extract identity information with our AI-powered ID document scanning solution that integrates into your existing web or mobile app.

What is an ID Scanning App?

ID scanning apps have become a more common means of collecting and verifying proof-of-identity documents, such as passports, driver’s licenses, travel visas, or national identity cards. Compared to outdated, manual methods for submitting and checking user identity, these software solutions help streamline the ID checking step that comprises so many user experiences today. 

Whether it’s snapping a photo of your passport to check into a flight or submitting an image of your driver’s license to complete an in-home delivery of alcohol, automated ID capture offers convenience for users and streamlines operations for organizations. 

While standalone ID scanning apps exist, the power of this technology is fully realized when it is integrated within an existing web or mobile application, working behind the scenes to collect and verify user identities. When 61% of customers are willing to switch to a competitor after just one bad user experience, your organization needs an ID scanning app that is fast, accurate, easy, and secure.

Solutions like BlinkID integrate into an organization’s new or existing web or mobile applications to capture, extract and check identity documents at scale. 

With BlinkID, for example, users simply point a phone’s camera at an identity document, and in moments, the ID card is captured and data is extracted. 

Although smartphones (equipped with built-in cameras) are common for use with ID scanning apps, it’s also possible to leverage browser-based implementations.

Choosing the right ID scanning app solution

All ID scanning apps are not created equal. Flexibility is especially important. There are a wide variety of ID cards and documents that organizations across industries – and geographies – might need to read. While some organizations may only need to scan driver’s licenses and ID cards, others may want to scan passports and travel permits, while others may need to handle all of the above from countries around the world.

For example, some ID scanning apps are limited by document format or the languages they’re able to read. Other solutions struggle to handle PDF417 (the stacked linear barcode used in several commercial and government applications) or may follow a rules-based approach to text or image extraction that breaks when new ID versions are released, ultimately hindering a solution’s ability to scale.
What’s more, when it comes to serving a variety of end users, your organization needs a flexible ID scanning app capable of reading diverse ID types regardless of document orientation, camera angle, or image quality. Designed to sift through dozens of images in search of the clearest one, BlinkID delivers over 95% data accuracy across more than 2,500 identity documents in over 140 countries. BlinkID is the world’s most trusted solution, taking an AI-first approach that never stops learning, which is why more than 35 identity verification companies use BlinkID to power their solutions.

From ID scan to data extraction
in less than 1 second

5x faster,
2 fewer steps

BlinkID’s scanning time is 5x faster and requires 2 fewer steps to complete compared to competitors’ document scanning solutions, driving higher completions.

+ 95% data

BlinkID delivers over 95% data extraction accuracy across diverse identity documents, including passports, driver licenses, residence permits, and more – regardless of document orientation or camera angle.

2,500+ identity

Onboard users effortlessly with our AI-first solution that handles more than 2,500 different IDs from 140 countries.

How You Integrate An ID Card Scanner App Matters 

ID scanning apps can exist as standalone consumer apps, can integrate into internal or external mobile applications via SDK, or can integrate into web-based user interfaces through API integration. Organizations may take one or more of these routes in order to meet their business and end user needs.

Whether it’s reading ID cards in order to complete new user sign-up or streamlining identity verification for new employees joining your company, you need an identity document scanning solution that offers flexible deployment options.

Why and Where to Use An ID Document Scanning App

Any organization with identity verification as part of their business processes can benefit from streamlining and automating ID card scanning. Manual ID collection and verification is typically slow, expensive and error-prone, adding steps and complexity for your employees and end users. 

In today’s increasingly online world, ID scanners are used to verify age and identity for a variety of services like online gamblingalcohol delivery, and more. And though fake IDs may look genuine when examined by human eyes, BlinkID is trained to spot incredibly small discrepancies in detail that aren’t usually apparent through human inspection alone.  By utilizing AI to recognize context and consistency, as well as match data, ID scanning software like BlinkID provides a sophisticated, robust solution.

BlinkID can also help fintechs, insuretech apps and other digital-only businesses and services speed up the identity verification process required for user onboarding. 

These highly-regulated industries have strict standards that are only satisfied by the appropriate identity documents. When 26% of users abandon an app’s onboarding because of friction in proving their identity, requiring customers to submit their ID for manual processing won’t cut it. 

Fortunately, an ID scanning app like BlinkID can shorten the identity verification process by keeping customers in your native app environment, extracting ID data 5x faster than other solutions and with 2 fewer steps.

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