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Simplify your user onboarding & authentication workflows with ID scanning that is fast, easy, and secure.

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Seamlessly onboard users

Seamlessly onboard users

Reduce user drop-off rates with BlinkID’s industry-leading interface. Relative to alternative document scanning solutions, BlinkID is 5x faster. Users simply place or hold their ID in front of a camera – no document pre-selection and zero interaction required. BlinkID provides built-in user messages that translate into foolproof, automatic data capture and extraction.
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Speed and accuracy at scale

BlinkID is the world’s most trusted and flexible AI-powered technology to scan and extract data from diverse ID types – regardless of document orientation, lighting, or camera angle. Extract and match data fields on both sides of the submitted identity document, providing a layer of authentication built-in. Our global document support with depth and breadth includes Arabic and Cyrillic multi script support.
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Enable total control

Configure BlinkID to fit your organization’s identity document processing needs – from frontend to backend. Customize messages, colors,  languages and more with a few lines of code. Processing occurs in your environment, so sensitive information never leaves your application. Extracted PII is never shared or used for model training, and with field anonymization features, you can easily configure BlinkID to comply with local or industry requirements.
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Trusted by 450+ companies worldwide for ID scanning solutions


12+ billion scans across diverse use cases

Age Verification Age Verification
Simplify age verification compliance with identity document scanning that is fast, easy, and secure.
Online Check-ins Online Check-ins
Real-time automated reading of diverse IDs for check-in assurance without unnecessary friction.
Digital Onboarding Digital Onboarding
Reduce drop-off rates, particularly in highly regulated industries like finance and insurance.

Why BlinkID?

Image capture experience Guide users towards a successful first-time scan. Auto-classification immediately detects document types and zero user interaction is required.
Data-match built-in BlinkID matches the information on the front of the identity document with the information stored in the backside barcode and/or MRZ and checks to ensure a valid format.
Age verification Display a warning message if the person scanning their ID is below the age limit set by the service provider.
Field anonymization Easily configure BlinkID to mask certain parts of the identity document (in results and on cropped images).
Broad platform coverage Easily integrate with BlinkID’s broad platform coverage, flexible integration options, and superior developer experience.
Smart ID image capture While scanning an identity document, BlinkID automatically captures a high-resolution image and crop of the face on the identity document.
// Code needed to start the scan
class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity() {

  override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {

  fun onScanButtonClick(view: View) {

  private val resultLauncher = registerForActivityResult(TwoSideDocumentScan()) { twoSideScanResult: TwoSideScanResult ->
    // Do something with results
/** Code needed to start the scan */
@IBAction func didTapCustomUI(_ sender: Any) {
  /** Create recognizer view controller with wanted overlay view controller */
  guard let recognizerRunnerViewController: UIViewController = MBViewControllerFactory.recognizerRunnerViewController(withResult: { result in
    /** Handle results */
  }, closeButtonTapped: {
    /** Handle close event */
  }) else {

  /** Present the recognizer runner view controller */
  self.present(recognizerRunnerViewController, animated: true, completion: nil)
<!-- Simplify integration by using our UI component -->
<blinkid-in-browser license-key="..."></blinkid-in-browser>

<script type="text/javascript">
  const blinkId = document.querySelector("blinkid-in-browser");

  // Get results on every successful document scan
    (ev) => console.log("Extracted information", ev.detail)
# Run docker image
docker run -p 8080:8080 -e "LICENSEE=..." -e "LICENSE_KEY=..." -v /etc/machine-id:/etc/machine-id microblink/api

# Scan document
curl -X POST localhost:8080/blinkid-multi-side \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -H 'Accept: application/json' \
  -d '{ "imageFront": { "imageUrl": "..." }, "imageBack": { "imageUrl": "..." } }'

Built with developers in mind

BlinkID’s robust SDKs, APIs and ever-expanding range of supported platforms make it easy to get started with any integration you want. Most customers launch and complete their first scan in less than 1 day.

With our risk-free trial and only a few lines of code, you’re all set to build fantastic experiences for your project.
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Flexible integration options

On-device On-device High speed and reliability directly on device, without the need for a network connection. Ideal for situations where internet connectivity may be limited or unreliable.
Cloud API Cloud API Flexibility to access our product from anywhere with an internet connection. It eliminates the need for local installation or maintenance and allows you to easily scale up as your usage grows.
Self-hosted API Self-hosted API The highest level of control and security. Install onto your own servers or cloud infrastructure, making it ideal for organizations with strict compliance or data privacy requirements.

Works anywhere for superior flexibility in going to market


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