Identity Verification

Faster identity verification, more happy customers

Onboard anyone, anywhere in the world, with just their ID documents and face.

<br>Report: best practices in digital identity verification

Report: best practices in digital identity verification

<br>Optimize your customer experience with ID document scanning

Optimize your customer experience with ID document scanning

<br>Identity verification whitepaper

Identity verification whitepaper

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id ver fast

Fast and simple.

Users can verify themselves by simply scanning their ID and taking a selfie. Our AI-driven UX creates an intuitive and frictionless experience from beginning to end.
Verify With Simplicity
id ver secure

Secure and automated.

Increase conversion while keeping fraudsters away. Our fully automated solution checks that there is a real human being behind the screen, not a fake representation of one. 
Meet your KYC compliance criteria while making it easy for users to create a new account with your business.

ISO27001:2013 certified
NIST/NVLAP Level 1&2 Anti-Spoofing certified
Be Compliant and Secure
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Trust you can build a brand on.

Achieve peace of mind knowing your users are who they claim to be. With Identity Verification, you can build trust into your ecosystem at scale, without disrupting the user experience.
Start Building Trust
90% Our focus is on providing the best possible user experience that results in 90% first time success rates.
20+ You take care of the experience and we ensure security by performing more than 20 checks against fraud.
<1% In one powerful flow less than 1% FRR (False Reject Rate).

Product features

Spoof-proof & no bias technology Analyzes if a person is physically present and in possession of a valid ID. Face recognition doesn’t have a demographic bias.
UX at the forefront Intuitive flow with real-time feedback guides the user toward a successful first-time verification. A user scans and verifies a document in the same journey and performs liveness and face match.
Verification management Access to Identity Dashboard, a central place to set up and review verification rules and manage approvals.
Increased security with data sources Analyzes and checks identity attributes within several official data registers and watchlists.
Identity orchestration A platform to provide flexibility for setting up user journeys and verification flows that fit your need.
Global coverage Support for a variety of identity documents in more than 130 countries.
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Layers of possibilities.

Our Identity Suite builds trust between people and organizations. Gain your customers’ confidence with speed and security every step of the way.
Document Scanning →
Scan and extract data from IDs quickly and safely.
Document Verification →
Identify, read, and verify live identity documents on your smartphone.
Identity Verification →
Combine facial recognition with your verified identity documents and spoof-proof liveness detection to prove your identity.
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Leverage identity solutions in various ways

ic mobile sdks

Native Mobile SDKs

The client-side component of identity verification is available as a native mobile SDK.
ic in browser sdks

In-browser SDK

You can setup the client-side component to run in a web browser.
ic cloud api


Identity Verification uses a client-server model. On the server side we offer Cloud API integration including verification dashboard.
on premise lime


The server side of identity verification is available as self-hosted solution that runs in a protected Docker container.


While you focus on acquiring new customers and conversion rates we ensure security and a delightful experience verifying their identities.

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Fintech, banking & crypto Make excellent first impression and create a safe place for everyone to transact.
Insurance Streamline the process and help users get the right cover for their needs.
Travel Verify users boarding a plane, booking a stay or checking into their room.
Sharing economy Drive smoother onboarding experiences and know who’s behind the service, real estate or a car.