BlinkID June update: One recognizer to rule them all

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BlinkID June update: One recognizer to rule them all

Summer is approaching and we’re bringing on the heat with a more intelligent, secure scanning of identity documents across the world.

As you can see, we’ve made changes to the way BlinkID recognizers work. In case you’re unsure what a recognizer is – it’s a basic unit for processing images and extracting meaningful information from them. Let’s see what’s changed:

Across platforms, BlinkID now:

  • Gets all the data there is
    BlinkID Combined Recognizer now scans the barcode, returns the image of the document and reads the text data that is found on the document.
  • Detects travel documents even better
    It detects passports and other travel documents with more accuracy and speed.
  • Anonymizes specific sensitive data
    BlinkID respects personal data regulations across the world. If there is a need to hide certain data in the image of the document BlinkID can do it. Depending on the use case, the anonymization can be turned on or off.
  • Knows the difference between physical and digital
    If your users scan Malaysian MyKad on the display screen of their device, BlinkID will recognize that the scanned document is not in their hands.

On mobile SDK:

  • Supports Flutter integrations
    We’ve wrapped BlinkID native SDK into Flutter plugins for iOS & Android. Read the news
  • Validates the extracted data
    BlinkID will check whether the extracted data is placed in the right field by matching the results with a predefined character set. For example, it will know if a letter belongs in a line that is supposed to contain nothing but numbers.

On Web API:

  • Gets best out of the uncertain scans
    As of this release, even if you scan the document in poor light conditions or the scan is blurry, BlinkID will retrieve the results. It means that all the data that is visible will be in shown in the results. 

Newly supported documents:

We’re one step closer to our goal of supporting all identity document types in the world. The latest additions to our list include:

  • Australia New South Wales – ID Card / Front only / BETA
  • Brazil – Driving Licence / BETA
  • Brunei – Military ID / BETA
  • Brunei – Residence Permit / BETA
  • Brunei – Temporary Residence Permit / BETA
  • Ghana – Driving Licence / Front only
  • Latvia – ID Card
  • Norway – Driving Licence / Front only / BETA
  • Oman – ID Card
  • Saudi Arabia – ID Card / BETA
  • Sweden – Social Security Card / Front only
  • USA – Social Security Card / BETA

Back side scanning is now supported on:

  • Malaysia – MyTentera

No longer BETA:

  • Australia Tasmania – Driving Licence
  • Canada British Columbia – ID Card
  • Germany – Residence Permit
  • Morocco – ID Card
  • Nigeria – Voter ID
  • Singapore – Work Permit
  • USA Alaska – ID Card
  • USA District Of Columbia – Driver License
  • USA Indiana – ID Card
  • USA Kentucky – ID Card

BlinkID(Combined)Recognizer extracts data from barcodes on:

  • Argentina ID
  • Colombia ID
  • Nigeria Voter ID
  • South Africa ID

You’re all caught up with our latest BlinkID release. If you’d like to see something change in the next one, we’d love to hear you out. 

Version 5.5.0 – mobile SDK (released June 6, 2020)
Version 1.27.0 – Web API (released June 12, 2020)
Version 1.28.0 – Web API (additional release – released July 1, 2020)

For full release notes, please visit Github (iOSAndroid) or Docker (Web API On-Premise).

June 20, 2020

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