Credit Card Scanning

Less Retyping, More Conversions

Use BlinkCard to power your app with AI-driven credit card scanning.

blinkcard keystrokes

Replace 50+ keystrokes.

Account number, cardholder name, IBAN, expiry date… it’s a lot to type in. Let BlinkCard extract and autofill everything so that it’s typing that gets abandoned — not your app.
Let Customers Type Less
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Push it to the limits.

With AI at its core, BlinkCard can tell the difference between more than 1,700 credit and debit cards. Embossed, indent, engraved or printed — it will read all payment info through thick, thin and blurry.
Use Our Adaptable Technology
blinkcard protect

Protect cardholder data at all times.

BlinkCard runs directly on your user’s phone or your own servers, without the need for an internet connection. This way, images of credit cards and other sensitive data never end up in the wrong hands.
Scan Securely With Us
BlinkCard Case Study

How KEKS Pay made a great UX even better with credit card scanning

23 BlinkCard s customizable and UI is available in 23 languages.
1700+ Supports variety of layouts, forms, and fonts, and with our AI we can easily add support new types.
<5MB BlinkCard SDK is easy to integrate and it’s less than 5MB in size.
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Product Features

Speed AI-driven scanning and data extraction in real time.
Privacy Secure, on-device processing.
Customizable UI Create UI in alignment with your brand.
Field anonymization If required, BlinkCard can be configured to mask certain parts of the credit card.
Easy integration Quick and easy integration on mobile and web.
Field validation Results screen captures any invalid data.
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Ways to Integrate

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Native Mobile SDKs

Enhance your Android or iOS app with AI-driven credit card scanning.
cross platform cobalt

Cross-platform SDKs

Explore integration for React Native, Xamarin, Cordova, Capacitor, and Flutter.
ic in browser sdks blue

In-browser SDK

Scan credit cards inside a browser via a simple JavaScript integration.
ic self hosted api blue

Self-hosted API

Run BlinkCard as a Docker container on the backend of your web app.


While you focus on improving your conversion rates we take care of a delightful customer experience for easier payments.

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