Introducing: First-of-its-kind ID document scanning for web browsers

November 13, 2020
Introducing: First-of-its-kind ID document scanning for web browsers

As of today, BlinkID, our AI-driven identity document scanner, works in web browsers.

The new BlinkID In-browser SDK is the world’s first browser-based ID scanning solution to work inside any website. 

This means a user simply needs to hold their ID card, passport or driver license in front of the web camera while, behind the scenes, our custom-trained models interpret and read the document.   

”This is the world’s first piece of technology that allows developers to add ID data scanning to web apps without requiring a backend integration,” Jurica Cerovec, CTO & Co-founder of Microblink, says.

”It supports all major browsers, works with hundreds of document types including passports and US driver licenses and is perfect for use cases like automatic identity verification, age verification, form-filling during registration and online check-in,” he adds.

”What we’re especially proud of is that it packs multiple machine learning models which ensure the best possible ID scanning experience, while still being very compact in size with less than 5 MBs.

”We’re also sure users will love the added security and privacy because their personal data will never leave the safety of their device.”

For businesses, in-browser ID scanning holds the potential to revolutionize onboarding experiences in a more cost-effective way. For example, a car insurance agency that can’t afford to develop an app can simply add ID scanning to their website and still keep the promise of providing an insurance quote to drivers within a minute.

The live demo of the SDK can be launched here. If you’re interested in adding BlinkID In-browser SDK to your web app or website, sign up for a free trial on Microblink Dashboard.

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