EU eIDAS Regulation

The EU eIDAS Regulation, short for Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services, is a regulatory framework set by the European Union to establish a harmonized and secure electronic identity and trust service system across member states. It aims to facilitate secure digital transactions, enhance cross-border interoperability, and boost confidence in electronic services within the EU.

The eIDAS Regulation introduces a framework for electronic identification, enabling individuals and businesses to access online services and engage in secure digital transactions across EU countries with their national electronic identification means. It also establishes the legal framework for electronic signatures, seals, time stamps, and electronic delivery services, ensuring their mutual recognition and acceptance across member states. Additionally, the regulation promotes the use of qualified trust services, such as electronic certificates and electronic seals, to enhance security, trust, and reliability in electronic transactions. The eIDAS Regulation plays a crucial role in supporting the digital single market by fostering secure and trusted cross-border electronic interactions and facilitating the provision of digital services within the EU.

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