BlinkID v5.12.0 brings new features, documents and more

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Find out what has changed in the latest version of your favorite ID scanning software. Maybe it’s something you were waiting for.

Let’s start with 15 new additions to the supported documents list:


Azerbaijan: Polycarbonate Passport (beta)
Tajikistan: Polycarbonate Passport (beta)


North Macedonia: Polycarbonate Passport 


Baja California Sur: Driving License (beta)
Campeche: Driving License (beta)
Colima: Driving License (beta)

The Middle East and Africa

Botswana: ID Card
Sudan: Polycarbonate Passport

Northern America

Canada: Citizenship Certificate (front only, beta)
Canada: Ontario – Health Insurance Card (front only)
Canada: Quebec – Health Insurance Card (front only, beta)
USA: Military ID Card 
USA: Rhode Island – ID Card
USA: South Carolina – ID Card


Australia: Health Insurance Card (front only, beta)

Back side support added:

Ireland: Passport Card
Mexico: Puebla – Driving License 
Singapore: S PASS 

No longer BETA:

Finland: Polycarbonate Passport
Ireland: Passport Card 
Ireland: Polycarbonate Passport
Kosovo: Driving License 
Latvia: Polycarbonate Alien Passport
Latvia: Polycarbonate Passport 
Poland: Polycarbonate Passport 
Cameroon: ID Card 
Ghana: ID Card 
Iraq: ID Card 
Tanzania: Driving License
Turkey: Polycarbonate Passport
Uganda: Driving License
Bolivia: Minors ID
Chile: Driving License
Ecuador: Driving License
Haiti: Driving License
India: Karnataka – Driving License
India: Maharashtra – Driving License
Pakistan: Punjab – Driving License
USA: Global Entry Card
USA: New Mexico – ID Card
USA: Wisconsin – ID Card

As of this version, BlinkID knows how to:

  • Extract every information it can read, even if the document image quality isn’t the best. It also gets you a full document, face and signature image.
  • Extract NRIC numbers found on Malaysian documents, with an asterisk (*) as one of the characters
  • Give you an even better quality of fully cropped vertical images
  • Better parse dates from Bermuda driving license AAMVA-compliant barcode
  • Separate first and the last name from the additional name information, for example, Nom d’ usage, Epouse, Geb. etc. when scanning:
  • France: ID Card and Residence Permit
  • Germany: ID Card
  • Luxembourg: ID Card
  • Netherlands: Driving License and Polycarbonate Passport
  • Remove title prefixes: Mrs., Mr., Ing., etc. from the full name, first name and last name fields in the results for these documents:
  • Austria: Driving License and ID Card
  • Czechia: Driving License
  • Germany: ID Card
  • Thailand: ID Card
  • UK: Driving License
  • Anonymize certain information on the following documents:
  • Document number on Germany Polycarbonate Passport
  • Document number on Hong Kong Polycarbonate Passport
  • Document number and personal ID number on Singapore Polycarbonate Passport

Please check Github (native & cross platforms/In-browser SDK/C SDK) and Docker Hub (Self-hosted API) for even more details.

For the best scanning and data extraction experience, please update your BlinkID to the latest version.

Version 5.12.0 – mobile SDK (released July 02, 2021)
Version 5.12.0 – In-browser SDK (released June 29, 2021)
Version 5.12.0 – ImageCapture In-browser SDK (released June 29, 2021)
Version 5.12.0 – C SDK (released July 05, 2021)
Version 2.1.0 – Self-hosted API (released June 25, 2021)
Version 1.35.0 – Cloud API (released June 15, 2021)

July 6, 2021

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