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Digital notary Jurat inc boosts ID data extraction efficiency by 5x with BlinkID

Integrating BlinkID allowed our users to instantly increase the efficiency of their ID data extraction by a measure of more than 5x, without sacrificing accuracy.


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accuracy on data extraction


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Company Background

Jurat inc’s Notary eJournal app is one of the premier electronic notary journal solutions in the United States, and the only digital journal compliant with state law in California. This is due in no small part to the company’s customer-centric and cutting-edge approach to notary journals.

Jurat’s cloud-based solution takes a digital-first approach to notary work, an industry that has been historically underserved from a technological standpoint. The app, available for iOS and Android phones and tablets, allows users to capture signatures directly onscreen (with their finger or a stylus), input a specific signing location, and even capture digital thumbprints (required in California only) directly to a journal entry — an industry first.

Notary eJournal users are sensitive to manual, time-consuming steps (e.g., inputting information from a signee’s ID), but also have a need to be pain-stakingly accurate in their execution. Reliability and high-quality data are critical for the long-term adoption and usage of any digital notary solution. The app needs to be agile to changes in the industry and, for lack of a better term, simply must work.

Jurat’s executive team, namely founder and President, Nick Colvill, knew that ID data extraction was an area ripe for automation. He came to Microblink in 2020 as the company was building its app, looking for a proven, accurate, AI-powered approach to scanning identity documents that could plug directly into their digital notary process.


Typically, at the very beginning or end of a signing appointment, notaries need to input information regarding the signers who are having their specific document notarized, which requires proof of identity. Jurat’s app performs ID scanning at step 2 of 6. This is where BlinkID comes in, facilitating AI-powered ID scanning and data extraction, while providing fast, accurate, and secure results across a diverse set of identity documents.

BlinkID delivers an overall data accuracy rate north of 95% — regardless of document composition, lighting, camera angle, or camera quality. This level of precision provides confidence to Jurat’s notary base and further powers the user experience and customer satisfaction that has made the company so beloved in the space. They have a 4.8 rating across the App Store and Google Play, including reviews that refer to Jurat as “the best notary e-journal out there.”


And the results, powered in part by Microblink, speak for themselves.

Jurat’s seasoned team of developers were able to easily understand the integration requirements, plugging BlinkID directly into their applications within a matter of weeks. BlinkID seamlessly deploys either on-cloud or on-premise for superior flexibility in going to market, and integrates via native mobile SDKs or in-browser SDK to serve diverse client needs.

As far as the ongoing client relationship, Colvill noted that “support has been very direct and typically helps us solve our issues or concerns within days at the longest.”

Microblink is proud to partner with an innovative leader in such an underserved industry, and we’re excited to see how Jurat grows in the future.

When we began development of the Notary eJournal, we needed a solution that was already built to spec, meaning it could just ‘plug and play’ with our app. Microblink quickly became the most prominent and viable solution, and we haven’t looked back since.
– Nick Colvill, Founder/President, Jurat inc

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