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Applied Recognition’s journey with Microblink and BlinkID


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Applied Recognition is dedicated to enhancing data privacy and user control using edge devices to distinguish itself in the competitive market of biometric technology. The need was to manage biometric data across various platforms without repeated registrations while ensuring user privacy.


Pankaj Gogia, CEO of Applied Recognition, noted early challenges in meeting document validation and verification standards. “When we were starting out, we explored reading data off identity cards directly through barcode scanning. We quickly discovered that barcode scanning didn’t satisfy our needs for document validation and verification, which are essential these days.”


After evaluating several vendors, Applied Recognition chose Microblink for its commitment to data privacy and innovative technology. “We looked at multiple vendors before we chose to partner with Microblink. One of our biggest requirements was to have somebody who thought about data privacy and control in the same way we did. We wanted a partner who talked like us and shared our philosophy on technology,” Gogia explained


The partnership yielded significant improvements. “The flexibility and forward-thinking approach of Microblink’s team has been crucial to our success,” Gogia observed. The human element was also pivotal, as Gogia highlighted, “Our partnership with Microblink has thrived largely due to the exceptional people behind the technology.” Looking ahead, Ganong emphasized the ongoing need for innovation, “Constant vigilance against AI and fraud risks is crucial. Our move to 3D biometrics and Microblink’s document verification improvements are key to future-proofing our solutions.”

Microblink’s BlinkID product was a perfect match for our emphasis on data privacy and on-device processing. It allowed us to innovate securely and efficiently.
– Ray Ganong, CTO

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We implemented a Information Security Management System which is certified by DNV according to
ISO/IEC 27001 standard.

We implemented a Privacy Information Management System which is certified by DNV according to ISO/IEC 27701 standard.