Biometric Verification

Biometric verification is a process that uses unique physical or behavioral characteristics of an individual to establish and confirm their identity. It relies on the principle that these characteristics are distinctive to each person and can be measured electronically. Biometric information can include fingerprints, iris or retinal patterns, facial features, voice patterns, hand geometry, or even behavioral characteristics like handwriting or typing patterns.

During the verification process, an individual’s biometric data is captured and stored in a database. When the person needs to be identified, their biometric information is compared against the stored data to confirm or authenticate their identity. This technology offers a high level of accuracy and security, as these biometric traits are considered difficult to forge, unlike traditional forms of identification like passwords or ID cards. Biometric verification is increasingly used in various applications, including access control systems, border control, mobile devices, banking, healthcare, and law enforcement, to enhance security, streamline processes, and prevent identity fraud.

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