Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA)

Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) is a security measure used by organizations to verify the identity of individuals accessing their systems or services. It involves asking users a set of questions based on personal information or knowledge that only the legitimate user is expected to know. KBA aims to validate the identity of individuals by testing their knowledge of facts such as previous addresses, phone numbers, date of birth, or other specific details.

To implement KBA, organizations typically create a set of questions with multiple-choice options, and the user is required to provide the correct answers. The questions are designed to be challenging for someone who doesn’t have the necessary knowledge or personal information about the legitimate user. KBA is commonly utilized in various industries, including banking, online services, and customer support, as an additional layer of security to prevent unauthorized access or identity theft. However, KBA has inherent limitations, as personal information can be obtained through data breaches or online searches, necessitating the use of additional authentication methods to enhance security.

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