Sanctions List

A sanctions list is a comprehensive record that includes individuals, organizations, or countries that are subject to various types of economic and trade restrictions imposed by a government or international organization. These restrictions are typically imposed as a means to discourage or penalize specific entities or governments for behaviors or actions that are considered unlawful or harmful, such as human rights abuses, terrorism, nuclear proliferation, or aggression against other nations.

Sanctions lists often consist of financial and trade restrictions, travel bans, arms embargoes, freezing of assets, and prohibition of transactions with listed entities. They aim to put pressure on the listed individuals, organizations, or countries by limiting their access to global marketplaces, restricting their ability to travel or do business internationally, and freezing their assets held in foreign jurisdictions. The objective of sanctions is to deter undesirable behavior, encourage compliance with international norms and laws, and promote peace, security, and stability in the global community.

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