Feb 22 2018

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From OCR to DeepOCR

Machine learning is all the rage nowadays, in various industries and the general public. Not without a reason, of course: it is not just a new algorithm which engineers should include in their solutions - it’s a complete turnover in the way we solve problems. But how can it be incorporated in already established businesses? Let us take you behind the curtain and show you what it took for us to incorporate machine learning in our OCR development.

Feb 6 2018


Major change of the API and in the license key formats

Besides working on new features and making plenty of SDK releases in the last year, as described in this post, we invested a lot of effort into research and development in order to upgrade our proprietary mobile OCR technology. In parallel, we were busy preparing a new API for our mobile SDKs, one that will be able to support all the new features we have planned. Also, we are changing our licensing subsystem with new formats of the license keys in order to increase extensibility and flexibility.

This is the biggest change we have made in the past 5 years, so we invite developers to read this blog post in full.

Reading time: 25-35 min

Nov 20 2017

Use cases

Insurtech: optimizing processes with mobile data capture

Being one of the most consumer-centric industries, insurance is overflown with challenges of the digital age. While closely related industries, such as banking, are taking brave steps to keep up with the demanding digital and mobile market, insurance seems to be struggling to keep up with trends in customer experience and to cut down costs and fraud losses. Efficient management of these issues is certainly challenging, but let us tackle some of them from the fast-moving mobile environment perspective.

Jul 31 2017

Use cases

Mobile ID verification made easy

Many simple services today, such as transferring money or checking account balance, can be done with help of mobile banking apps within seconds. However, with a rising number of customers inclining more towards mobile, their expectations of getting quick and practical service are also rising and expanding in scope. Here is our take on one particular service - remote identity verification.

Feb 6 2017

Use cases

Seamless prepaid user registration

In an increasing number of countries, regulators require telecom companies to register their new prepaid users. Before these regulations, the process of purchasing a prepaid SIM was easy: people could buy them just about anywhere and use them in a few minutes. With respect to the new regulation, the highest priority currently is to make SIM card purchases safe, but also remove as much friction as possible to maintain the ease of the purchase for the users.