Sleeper Fraud

Sleeper fraud refers to a type of fraudulent activity where an individual or entity establishes a seemingly legitimate relationship with a company or organization with the intention of exploiting it at a later time. The fraudster initially presents themselves as a trustworthy party, gaining the trust and confidence of the targeted company or organization. They may engage in regular business practices for an extended period, often years, building credibility and potentially even occupying senior positions within the organization.

However, the sleeper fraudster bides their time, waiting for the opportune moment to carry out their fraudulent activities. This could involve embezzling funds, misappropriating valuable assets, or engaging in other forms of fraudulent behavior. The fraudulent activities are typically executed swiftly and without warning, allowing the fraudster to vanish after their scheme has been successfully executed, leaving the victimized company or organization to deal with the aftermath of substantial financial losses and damage to their reputation. Sleeper fraud often capitalizes on the trust and complacency established in long-term relationships, making it difficult to detect until it is too late.

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