World Bank – Financial Market Integrity Unit

The Financial Market Integrity (FMI) Unit of the World Bank is a specialized division aiming to promote transparency and accountability in the global financial system. The unit works towards strengthening the integrity and governance of financial markets in developing countries by providing technical assistance, offering policy advice, and fostering knowledge sharing.

The FMI Unit focuses on tackling issues related to anti-money laundering, combating the financing of terrorism, and countering illicit financial flows. It supports countries in implementing national strategies to prevent financial crimes, enhancing financial regulatory frameworks, and building institutional capacity. The unit also collaborates with international organizations, governments, and financial institutions to develop and implement global initiatives to address financial integrity risks.

By promoting integrity in financial markets, the World Bank’s FMI Unit aims to create an enabling environment for inclusive and sustainable economic growth, as well as to safeguard the global financial system from illicit activities that can undermine stability and trust.

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