Border Crossing Card

A border crossing card, also known as a BCC or a «mica,» is a travel document issued by the United States government to Mexican citizens for the purpose of temporary visits. It serves as a non-immigrant visa, allowing Mexican residents who hold it to cross the U.S. border for a limited duration, typically for tourism, business, or medical purposes. The BCC can be used for land or sea travel within certain designated geographic areas, usually along the U.S.-Mexico border region.

The border crossing card contains biographic information about the holder and is often combined with a machine-readable, laser-etched «laser visa» that enhances document security. It is meant to facilitate legal entry into the United States for Mexican citizens who do not intend to reside or work permanently. However, it is subject to specific conditions, such as time limitations, travel restrictions, and non-eligibility for certain public benefits. The BCC aims to promote easy and regulated travel between Mexico and the United States while maintaining border security and reducing undocumented migration.

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