BlinkID August update: fresh news to keep you cool

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The last time you heard from us, we were busy releasing BlinkID on a number of new platforms. This month we’re bringing you yet another one. Introducing:


Made for Linux or MacOS desktop applications or server-side solutions that work entirely on your own infrastructure. It is a perfect fit if you’re an enterprise working on custom scanning hardware (such as ATMs and airport document readers). Our new BlinkID C SDK is stripped of everything but the engine. That means no scanning, no wrappers and no API requests. You simply feed it a document image and get the results back in the shortest possible time. 

If you know how to write software in C, you’ll want to check this out – Github.

BlinkID gets the most out of MRZs

If the document’s visual inspection zone (VIZ) doesn’t contain sex and nationality information, BlinkID will extract it from the MRZ. In the earlier versions, that could only be done for dates, name fields and document numbers. 

In the July product update, we introduced field anonymization for identity documents with protected fields. We added another document/field to that list:

  • MRZ on the Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents

And parses unusual ones

If a document you’re scanning has an MRZ that diverges from the ISO/IEC 7501 standard, BlinkID will parse it anyway. We want to support all documents with atypical MRZ formats, so here are the latest additions to that list:

  • Driver licenses and ID cards from Canada, Michigan and New York
  • Consular ID from Mexico
  • Northern Cyprus ID
  • China Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents

Specifically for mobile SDKs

BlinkID is available in 13 new languages

As you already know, BlinkID is a polyglot. As of this release, it also speaks Malay, Dutch, Hungarian, Slovenian, Indonesian, Arabic(UAE), Romanian, Chinese traditional, Chinese simplified, Thai, Hebrew, Vietnamese and Filipino. 

BlinkID In-browser SDK

We’ve also released a new version of BlinkID In-browser SDK. It has all the features found in BlinkID v5.6. and v5.7. To explore all of them in one place, you’ll have to head over to Github.

That’s it for today, see you again next month.

Version 5.7.0 – mobile SDK (released August 21, 2020)
Version 5.7.0 – C SDK (released August 17, 2020)
Version 5.7.0 – In-browser SDK (released August 18, 2020)
Version 1.31.0 – Self-hosted API (released August 24, 2020)

For full release notes, please visit Github or Docker.

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