BlinkID February product update: You asked, we listened!

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Our last BlinkID release was in December, and we promise you this one was well worth the wait because we were busy working on new features that you’ve been asking for.

New document

  • BlinkID now reads and understands the front side of Saudi Arabia’s driver license and resident ID.

The full list of the supported documents is here. Explore it to find out if your document is on the list.

Across all platforms, BlinkID:

Extracts document type from any MRZ 

  • This means you can now filter documents by their type, for example ID cards, passports or Visas. We’ve also improved MRZ parsing for:
  • Nigeria ID — document number is now returned with its check digit
  • Italy Residence Permit — including documents with a CR document code
  • Mexico Voter IDs — returned complete with its date of birth

Gets you all data from barcodes found on US documents

  • This is great news if you need to extract everything from documents that comply with AAMVA standards. And by everything, we mean everything — from separated address info to the document owner’s hair color, height and ethnicity, BlinkID returns it all. 

New feature for Cloud API, Self-hosted API, In-browser SDK & C SDK:

  • You can now set BlinkID to only scan cropped document images. When this setting is activated, BlinkID won’t try to detect the document so you need to make sure you’re sending an API request with images that have been carefully cropped. 

Please visit Github (native & cross platforms/In-browser SDK/C SDK) and Docker Hub (Self-hosted API) to get more details about these awesome new features.

To enjoy the best of BlinkID, please update your BlinkID to the latest version.

Version 5.10.0 – mobile SDK (released February 22, 2021)
Version 5.10.0 – In-browser SDK (released February 19, 2021)
Version 5.10.0 – ImageCapture In-browser SDK (released February 19, 2021)
Version 5.10.0 – C SDK (released February 12, 2021)
Version 1.34.0 – Self-hosted API (released February 17, 2021)
Version 1.34.0 – Cloud API (released February 17, 2021)

febrero 23, 2021

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