BlinkCard v2 is here. Credit card scanning, now twice as good

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This is a big one. Intelligent and fast, BlinkCard is now powered by our machine learning models, making it the best payment card scanner there is.

BlinkCard leads the way by:

Reading more than 1,700 different card types
And recognizing twelve card issuers — American Express, UnionPay, Diners, Discover Card, Elo, Jcb, Maestro, Mastercard, RuPay, Verve, Visa, VPay.

Extracting card owner name & IBAN
Next to the information that BlinkCard extracted before — card issuer, expiration date, card number, CVV number, and photo of the card, it will get you the IBAN and the owner’s name.

Matching perfectly to any of our SDKs
BlinkCard is now compatible with all our products, and combined they easily fit into any mobile app while automating input throughout payment and registration.

Giving you a customizable form
That you can use in your mobile app without the need for additional development. It also contains various error messages (e.g., if the user’s card is expired) that navigate your users and help you gather the correct information.

Letting you pick the data you really need
Choose what you want to extract from the card. The only information that’s mandatory is a PAN number, we leave the rest to you. Pick your MVFs (Most Valuable Fields).

If this got you going, you can take a peek at Github (native platforms) and try it out in your mobile app. 

If you’re already using our BlinkCard SDK, please update it to the newest version so you can enjoy the new and shiny AI-powered features. Let us know what you think – we welcome any suggestions and feedback. Feel free to send us a message.

Version 2.0.0 – mobile SDK (released November 23, 2020)

noviembre 26, 2020

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